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Hi, I'm Katie!!
I'm a mom, wife, sister, daughter, best friend and I am a lifestyle Senior Portrait Photographer! 
I started Cadwallader Photography in 2010! I am not going to tell you that I have wanted to be a photographer all my life, because I didn't! I really wanted to be a Singer, but then I realized I do NOT have a "Singing Voice"! Who knew??
But I have been that person who always had a camera and always took way to many pictures! In 2010 I was working from home as a Medical Transcriptionist and I took a Film Class as a hobby to get out of my house. During that class I learned how to actually use a camera in fully manual and realized how much I loved taking peoples Portraits!!
Why Senior Portrait Photography?? 
I truly believe that your Senior Portraits are a big deal!! Seriously, you are graduating from one of the biggest chapters of your life and about to embark on an even bigger one!  Don't you want to freeze who you are right now, so you can remember later?  I believe that getting your Senior Pictures can help define who you are and who you want to be! It is one of the last times where you can have pictures all about you and what you love! Whether or not you believe it, you will have your Senior Pictures the rest of your life! I want to give everyone images that their future kids will look at and say "Wow - that is really cool"!!
What do I get from it?  I love the moment when I show every senior the back of my camera in the middle of a session and they are shocked because they cannot believe that is a picture of them! I love seeing the reactions on parents faces when they realize, their baby is growing up and graduating high school!! I love that every senior has this natural picture sase that they don't even know they have!
Remember, your Senior Pictures define you and will be with you forever, so don't just have your neighbor take them because he has a "nice camera"!


10 Things To Know About Me
1. I spend every day taking pictures of my amazing kids Kooper and Karter!!
2. I am a Chicago Bears Fan even when we are losing.
3. My sweet tooth is active 10 months out of the year.
4. I am a Midwest Country Girl living in the City.
5. I am a 13-year-old at heart, who loves romance!
6. I am addicted to audio books, yoga pants and Starbucks!
7. I have the best, most supportive husband, who helps me through everything.
8. I am a reality show junkie!
9. I am a To Do List kinda girl – I have lists of my lists.
10. I am lost without my phone! It literally is my life line, and my hubby hates it.
I'm Katie Welter and I am a Lifestyle Senior Portrait Photographer!! 
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