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Fall Outfits in the Winter

January 25, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Yes, we have to suffer here in Arizona for the summer, like don't sit on anything outside suffer.  BUT IT IS WORTH IT FOR OUR WINTERS!!  It cracks me up that we have to wait until January and February every year to pull out our sweaters and scarves (and sometimes it is still a little too warm to do it).  

Back in October we took 3 of our KCP Senior Squad Models up to Flagstaff for our Fall Outfit shoot, and of course we had to wait to post until we finally hit the temperature where we could actually wear the clothes! 

Where is your favorite place to buy Fall Outfits?  Mine is definite Old Navy, Vici, and Forever 21 (they always have the best sweaters).  Comment below your favorites stores!  We would love to share some different options! 

And now, check out some of the outfits our KCP Senior Squad Models put together! 

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