Cadwallader Photography | A Year in Recap: KCP 2017!

A Year in Recap: KCP 2017!

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2017 was... well, in a word, CRAZY! Crazy fun, crazy hectic, and crazy busy!!! Every year I set a goal for myself and my business, and 2017 was about photographing as many people as possible. So, my goal was to get 100 Seniors in front of my camera and.... I DID IT! Knowing me, I always had it in the back of my head but never ACTUALLY kept track until the beginning of 2018, when I decided to check and see how close I had gotten. I didn't expect to have made 100, but as I began counting I kept creeping closer and closer to that magic number. Until, I got down to the last few Seniors, and I did it! I photographed exactly 100 Seniors in 2017!! On top of that I also did stylized shoots, family portraits, and even out of state pictures!! I'm looking forward to 2018 being maybe not quite as crazy, but as rewarding and photo filled!! Enjoy the gallery below of my 100 Seniors of 2017! 

-Katie :)

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