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College is in full swing for a lot of us and having been moved in for about a month, I've quickly realized what I absolutely can't live without as a college student. Here's some college essentials for my fellow college goers and even for you high schoolers who desperately want to be in college already. 

ALSO! This is our first interactive blog post! For every picture you are able to click on the item you like and it will automatically take you to the website where you can purchase it! A huge thank you to POLYVORE for making this possible. Let us know what you think!




Water, Water, Water! 
Water is my #1 essential, because you won't realize how much you're walking around campus and out in the sun until it's 8:00pm and you're completely drained. The best way to stay healthy, awake, and in tip-top shape is to stay on top of your water consumption! The best way to make sure you are getting enough water is carry a water bottle with you at all times. Make drinking water fun by ordering an adorable bottle and decorating it all over with stickers! 


These slip-ons are made for walking! 
No matter how small your campus is you can be sure you're going to be walking everywhere. Speaking as someone who lives on the 5th floor and takes the stairs every time, you're going to want comfy shoes. Sometimes when you wear comfortable shoes you might assume you have to sacrifice style, but now you don't have to! Click on any shoe you like above and see how easy it is to get cute and comfy shoes!


The bolder the better! 
In college we all basically live off of our laptops. Whether it's taking notes in class, writing late-night essays, or bingeing on Netflix you're gonna want to keep this precious item safe. Make sure you have a laptop case because you'll most likely be throwing your laptop in your backpack along with pens, pencils, and notebooks. This is a great way to show off your style, so pick a bold backpack and an even bolder laptop case. 


*scoot scoot* 
Ok, so I have to admit I don't actually follow this tip myself- but only because I am incredibly uncoordinated! But having a bike, penny board, or even scooter can be a total lifesaver! College campuses are big and you don't want to have to worry about being late to that class that is on the complete opposite side of campus from you. So ride in style with one of these adorable speed racers! 
I hope you all feel a little more prepared for college and can put some of these tips to good use! Make sure to follow Katie and I on our social media accounts and check in on the blog every week for new posts! Have a rockin' week! 

Know the Writer: Tatianna Apodaca is a Freshman at Grand Canyon University and is studying Digital Film with an Emphasis in Screenwriting. She has a passion for traveling, performing, and writing. Her hobbies are watching an embarrassing amount of Netflix, listening to podcasts, and acting! At home she has a pup that is smothered with love and kisses, as well as a wonderful family. She loves working with Katie, who is always a blast, and enjoys interviewing and styling all the KCP Seniors!

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