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Tips & Tricks for Decorating Your Dorm Room

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College move-in day is approaching us rapidly, and if you're anything like me, the only thing you can think about is how to pack as much style and comfort into a 15x15 room. Now that I'm (almost) done dorm shopping I thought I'd share with you guys my top tips and tricks for making the most of your room! Let's dive right in!

Maximize Wall Space:
Although dorm rooms don't leave much room for anything other than a bed and a desk, the best way to make your room seem bigger is to utilize all the wall space you're given. A cheap way to do this is print off posters from online! For my dorm I found a vintage poster website (click here) to mix and match with other art prints I have for my wall. I also picked up some great (and inexpensive) hanging planters at Marshall's that you can hang super easily with CommandHooks! This is another great way to open up your room but not sacrifice precious floor space. 
Get Inspired:
I would be an absolute mess if it weren't for Pinterest and YouTube when it comes to dorm decorating. I scoured YouTube for hours upon hours to find the best ways to decorate and was pleasantly surprised to find great DIY decorations (that are actually cute) and fantastic websites with Promo/Coupon codes galore.
A great, in-depth dorm tour video is by CatCreature on YouTube (click here to watch), which is where I got the idea to press flowers into frames as wall decorations. I got these great frames from World Market and picked the flowers on a trip to Colorado. This is a great opportunity to personalize your room and have fun doing it! 



Shop Smart:

Whenever I would shop for my dorm I always tried to find coupons or discount codes. The best deals I have found so far have all been online. One of the best apps I downloaded was The Target Cartwheel app, all you have to do is download the app, scan the barcode of anything you want to buy while you're in the store, and it let's you save any coupon available. It also lets you know if there is a better deal and gives you exclusive coupons! Best decision of my life! 


Buy Online:

The best way to save money is to BUY ONLINE! This way you can always find the best deals and not have to pick it up yourself! My favorite website for dorm shopping is definitely Society6, they offer free shipping with discount codes (which, trust me, are super easy to find), have a sale legit every other day, and you will definitely find something unique because artists upload new designs every day. Society6 is inexpensive, great quality, and super fast with delivery times. Plus, they sell everything from pillows (like mine shown below) to phone cases, to high-quality prints. Definitely try this site out! 


I hope you all enjoyed my tips and tricks for dorm decorating and I wish you all the luck in your room decorating endeavors! Make sure to follow Katie and I on Instagram and Twitter for blog updates! 



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