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Makeup Monday: Highlighter

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There I am again. Sitting on the bathroom floor wondering how the Kardashians can look so great with highlighter but I look like a 5 year old girl that got a glittery makeup kit for Christmas when I try using it. Questions run through my head like, "How did I get here?" and "What did I do to deserve this?" I am faced again with the seemingly eternal problem of never having any ounce of an idea on how to "beat my face" or get the enviable "glow" that highlighter has earned its name after. Luckily for you (and me) never again will any of us have to walk past the highlighter aisle in Sephora and run away in fear (this may be an exaggeration... but you get what I mean). Premier Makeup Artist Trish of Labelle Artistry is here to save the day and teach us the ins and outs of obtaining the perfect highlight!













Steps for the Perfect Highlight: 

1) Products - Trish swears by MAC Cosmetics so it's no surprise that is exclusively what she used to achieve this look. The highlighter she chose was Extra Dimension Skin Finish ($33) and she applied it using the 184 Duo Fibre Fan Brush ($25), of course any drug store highlighter and fan brush will work just fine in a crunch. 

2) Picking Shades - You want to pick a color that suits you best and will complement your skin tone. This can sometimes sound easier said than done, but a good trick is to match your highlighter to your blush and this will create a more cohesive look, "For Alexis I went with a highlighter that was more pink and peachy since I used a peach color blush on her cheeks." 

3) Prep! - The prep work is absolutely crucial and Trish's first tip is to assess what you have to work with, "If you have normal or dry skin you want to first gently spray your brush with a setting spray, I swear by MACs Prep and Prime Fix+ ($24). If you have oily skin you can skip the setting spray because the moisture your skin provides will help the application." That's right ladies! Our oil can actually come in handy for once! 

4) Application - When applying your highlighter you want to wait until all your makeup is finished. Then the highlighter should be placed above the cheekbone on the highest point, "Highlighter should serve as your 'last accessory'" says Trish. So treat it as such, use it sparingly and strategically. Highlighter should be applied where light would naturally hit your face- bridge and tip of the nose, high points of the cheekbones, the temples, cupid's bow, brow bone, and the high point of the chin. 

5) Perfection! - Spritz yourself with a bit of setting spray and you're off to the races! Now go show off that highlight and blind everyone with the gloriousness of "the glow"! 

Now that we can all consider ourselves "Highlighter Experts" a special thanks to the amazingly talented Trish, because let's face it, without her we would still be sat alone in our bathrooms with an unopened highlighter gathering dust. Now I am off to show off my new found ability to apply makeup without looking like a toddler and feeling much more supermodel-esque. Make sure to check back every Monday for more tips and tricks from our new series "Makeup Mondays"! 

Know the Makeup Artist: Trish of Labelle Artistry has been doing makeup professionally for over ten years. She prides herself in her ability to master every new technique and evolve with all the latest trends. She is devoted to creating flawless looks for weddings, photo shoots, and events while working with every clients personal style. Make sure to follow her on Instagram and checkout her website:

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