Cadwallader Photography | The Look: Flower Crowns + DIY

The Look: Flower Crowns + DIY

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With the second weekend of Coachella upon us, all of us are feeling a little more adventurous with our style choices. Whether you are soaking up the sun and listening to all your favorite artists at Coachella, or, like me, enjoying the perfect spring weather and living vicariously through friends on Snapchat, you can amp up your weekend look with this trending accessory.... FLOWER CROWNS! 


Flower crowns are the perfect spring accessory; they add a pop of color to a simple outfit, work as an attention grabber, and (get this) can be made at home! 

Here's how to do it! 


  • flower wire 
  • floral tape
  • floral wire cutters
  • flowers of your choice and greenery to add lushness!

STEP 1: Take your FLOWER WIRE and make a circle, measure it around your head and fit it to however tight/loose you want it (I like to do a double loop so it rests more comfortably on my head). 

STEP 2: Use the WIRE CUTTERS to cut the flower wire and close off the circle with FLORAL TAPE (wrap the tape around multiple times to ensure a long lasting hold). 

STEP 3: If you are including GREENERY and/or very small flowers you'll want to lay these on first. Place them evenly around the crown and once you have the perfect placement tape them all down with the FLORAL TAPE. 

STEP 4: Now it's time to add the FLOWERS! To attach the flowers make sure the stems are at least 2-3 inches long. Place flowers evenly apart among the greenery, then use the FLORAL TAPE to tape down the stems. You'll want to wrap these multiple times (like you did with the wire circle in STEP 2) to make sure you don't have any rogue flowers! 

STEP 5: Pop this puppy on because you're done and ready to hit that music festival! 


There you have it, the perfect flower crown that is completely customizable to fit any occasion! Make sure to send us pictures of the crowns you made by tagging Cadwallader photography or #cadwalladerflowercrown ! Let us know if you have any tips for making these crowns even better! And, of course, thank you to our gorgeous model Mackenzie Butler! This is me signing off, time to go flood myself in spring flowers and floral tape. Enjoy your weekend and if you're at Coachella, know everyone here at Cadwallader Photography will be enviously watching your Snapchat stories all weekend!


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