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Senior Spotlight + Beauty Tips - Brianna

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I’m back and ready for action! Spring break so far has been filled with some drop-dead gorgeous girls and our Senior Spotlight Model this week is no different. She was exactly what I hope for when meeting a new model- which is, of course, beautiful! But I absolutely love when a KCP model goes above and beyond with their outfits. It can seem so intimidating staring into your closet before a shoot and trying to pick out just a few outfits that represent you. That’s why I say, don’t! Bring in anything and everything you like! So you can imagine how happy I was when Brianna brought in piles of jewelry and heaps of clothes. This made for some spectacular pictures of our Senior Spotlight Model - Brianna!


Q: What clothing store do you shop at most often?

A: TJ Maxx for sure. Twelve dollars for a super cute top, are you kidding?


Q: How would you describe your personal style?

A: Business Casual. And I’m huge on rings and bracelets, I have a go-to set that I wear everyday.


Q: Who is your style icon?

A: Stacey Morgan now!

(I’m telling you, Stacey is a wizard!)

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I don’t know about you, but I am constantly in a state of wonder when I see girls with perfectly made-up hair everyday. Brianna of course has lovely long locks and our hair stylist for the shoot was able to speed through all that hair and make every style look effortless. Allison has some tips and tricks for us girls that need a little help in the hair department.

Q: What is your favorite styling tool?

A: My curling iron by Hot Tools.


Q: Bobby Pins or Hair Ties?

A: Do I have to choose?! Ok… probably bobby pins, they’re more versatile.


Q: I’m gonna set-up a little scenario (not at all based off of me 90% of the time). You’re on 3 day old unwashed hair, you’re about to run out the door but still want to look cute, what’s your go to style?

A: Braid or half-up, they’re both super simple but show effort. Plus, they cover up the grease!

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I love makeup and am always scouring YouTube looking for new looks to try out, but who better to ask about my burning make-up questions than a real-life makeup artist? Trust me, when you meet one you feel as if you’re in a room with a unicorn that has perfect eyeliner all the time.

Q: What tips do you have for girls with brown eyes when applying eye makeup?

A: To make brown eyes pop you always want to go with colors that will complement them. I usually go for anything with either gold or purple undertones - maybe even auburn. Anything to bring more attention to the eyes.


Q: What’s your favorite makeup brand?

A: MAC! Of course!


Q: I’m gonna throw out another scenario (again, this never happens to me, because I roll out of bed with eyeshadow and bronzer all perfectly blended! Ok maybe not, but a girl can dream). It’s a Monday morning and you’re wearing a white v-neck, jeans, and tennis shoes. What do you do, makeup wise, to elevate your look?

A: Can the shirt be black?! I usually go super dramatic if my outfit is going to be plain. Dark eyes, lashes, and shimmer to amp it up.

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Now that all your burning questions (and mine) have been answered, it’s time for me to sign off! Make sure to check out everyone’s Twitter and Instagrams and share some love! Thank you to Brianna, Allison, Stacey, and Katie!


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