Cadwallader Photography | Here's To Making 2016 Amazing!

Here's To Making 2016 Amazing!

January 14, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

So, have you started your New Years Resolution?  No? Come on we are 2 week in! Well, don't feel bad, I haven't either ha ha, but hey, we have all year right ;)

I can't even decide what I want my New Years Resolution to be yet!  All I know, is I am going to make 2016 amazing!!  This year I am not going to procrastinate (which I obviously am failing at already since my NYE post is 2 weeks late), I am going to get organized (those of you who have been to my studio are laughing right now, I know), and I am going to try not to not wear yoga pants 4-5 days I am working, which is going to be really hard cuz they are soooo much more comfortable then real clothes).  Oh and I am going to blog more of my gorgeous seniors!!  

So kicking of the year, here is my first blog of 2016!!  

Thank you to these gorgeous ladies below ↓ for getting all dolled up in your gorgeous dressed on a freezing (well Arizona freezing) cold day and coming to hang out with me!  This was my first New Years Eve shoot and definitely not my last (I am already planning this years)!  

Happy 2016 Everyone, Lets Make It Awesome!!  


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