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Stylized Boho Session

June 29, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

This photo shoot is something I have been planning in my head for months, and something I didn't know if I would get accomplished this year.  I had a vision in my head of what I wanted it to look like, but I had no idea what I wanted or wear to start.  Then this year my friend Molly had her gorgeous horse Tyra shipped here from Wisconsin and then it when all the pieces to this puzzled started to fit.   

I knew I wanted 3 gorgeous girls that had completely different traits for this session, but that is not always easy to find.  But, they were right in front of me.  Two of my #seniorsquadmodels (Alyssa and Sabryn) and one of my gorgeous previous clients (Kailey) were the perfect girls for this session.  I knew the moment I photographed them the first time that they needed to be apart of this session and was thrilled when they were just as excited about this session as I was.  

So the planning began!  I got the gorgeous models, the horse and with the horse came the perfect location, Tyler Farms, LLC.  The owner Scott was amazing for letting me come on to his farm and do this session.  

Of course every amazing photo shoot needs amazing Hair and Makeup, right?!?  Hayley Drummond  couldn't have done a more perfect job on hair and Madisson Gumm rocked out perfect makeup for Alyssa!  

Then the real fun started!  Asking these gorgeous models suffer in 114 degrees in the middle of a farm and look amazing (of course after getting a warning of rattle snakes, and other fun desert creatures).  Well they freaking ROCKED it, and no one complained (well except Jared, but we are used to that, haha).  They did everything I asked while rotating in and out of the car to cool off in the air conditioning!  

Once again, thank you so much for everyone involved in this amazing session! I couldn't be more excited and happy with the results!  


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Now on to my next Stylized Endeavor!!  Stay Tuned....  


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