The Senior Squad Process!

First Things First - Book Your Session With Me!!  

Wondering what happens next?  I'll tell you!

We talk! We talk about what you like, who you are, who you want to be, what you and your parents want out of your session!  

I will help you find the perfect location and style for your Senior Portraits!  I am here the entire way to help you.  

Once we know what you want then we pick a date for your session!! I do sessions Monday-Thursday in the afternoon, start time depending on your package, but usually starting between 1:30-2:30

You show up with 5-10 of your favorite outfits and I will help you decide what to wear at each location! But don't worry, you get final say on our attire! 

Scared about getting your pictures taken?  Don't be - I will tell you what to do every step of the way!! I promise, I won't let you look bad!  It is a fast-paced session so you won't even have time to think about being nervous!

Once you are home, you will get a sneak peek of your pictures within 48 hours so you can see how amazing they turned out!  

Within one week of your session you will come into my home studio and see your images and pick your Printing Collection!! 


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