Milan's Senior Spotlight!

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Hey guys! Its Milan Andrade! Wow, I honestly cannot believe I'm senior (even though I can pass as a freshman) and that I'm graduating! Time is moving way too fast and it seriously needs to slow down! After all I still just a kid, right? 

I absolutely loved getting my senior pictures taken by Katie. Ever since I was nine-years-old, I knew she would be the perfect person for the job. It all started when Katie was beginning photography and she shot a few pictures of my mom and I for our Christmas card. Here we are 10 years later; me getting ready to graduate and Katie with a very successful photography business. Time sure does fly by when you're having fun!

Enough of the mushy gushy details, it's time to talk fashion!

To start us off, I loved getting my hair and makeup done (partially because I feel like I have no idea what I'm doing when I do my own). I showed the makeup artist and the hairstylist a couple pictures on Pinterest and they nailed it! They both were super fun to be around and talk to!



For this first fit, I am wearing a green army jacket from the store everyone knows and loves... Target! As well as some light washed jeans from Hollister and brown boots from Tillys. I love this outfit because it looks like I took the time to get ready, but in all reality I just zipped up a jacket, threw some jeans on, and stepped in some boots! Voila!



This outfit is one of my favorites! The skirt is from Tillys and the shirt is from my cousin's closet... literally. I love wearing shirts that are oversized because they are so comfy and you can do so much with them. For example, I could walk around looking like a sack with the shirt down to almost my knees, but instead I tied it up, threw on a skirt, and called it fashion.



We all have that one outfit our mom insists on us wearing because it's their favorite. Well, this is the "my mom told me I was dumb if I didn't wear this cute dress" outfit. I got this white off the shoulder dress in the Roxy store at Laguna Beach last year when we went on our annual family trip. The reason I got it was because my mom saw it, told me to try it on (and of course that meant I had to), and she told me that I was going to wear it for my senior pictures. Here we are almost a year later, and just like mothers do, she remembered. 



I call this look the "oh crap! I have senior pictures tomorrow and need one more outfit" look. I've always wanted a leather jacket and when I found this one at TJMaxx I knew I couldn't say no. Underneath the jacket, I'm wearing a plain white fitted tank top, which is tucked into my black corduroy skirt that is from Forever 21. Although this outfit was a last minute decision, I couldn't be happier with the outcome!



Last but certainly not least is one of my favorite dresses! I bought this dress two days before my shoot at Tillys and I absolutely love it. At first putting it on took a little assistance because there is a string that wraps around my body, but once I got it down I knew this was going to be a must (not to mention it was only $12.50, it's all about the sales baby!) This dress is very flattering and totally out of my comfort zone, but I guess that's how some of the best pieces are, amirite?


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Know the Writer: Milan Andrade is a Senior at Perry High School and hopes to study Journalism after she graduates high school. Milan finds excitement for trying new things, meeting new people, and writing. On her free time she loves to hangout with friends and family, staying active, and enjoying life to the fullest. Milan also has a wicked case of Bieber Fever!

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