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Milan & Tatianna: The KCP Bloggers



Hey guys, it's Tati again! I'm writing this, per usual, in pajamas with my hair in a rats nest and desperately wishing I could look as good as Katie manages to make me look in all her pictures. Now if you haven't read the blog before, I've been writing for KCP for almost a year now and I love working for Katie! I post anything from Senior Spotlights to college tips to ramblings about my celebrity crushes (I mean did you see Kit Harrington at the Golden Globes?!). I'm currently attending GCU and working towards my BA in Digital Film with and Emphasis in Screenwriting. My biggest hobby/love is acting, whether it's improv or student films I adore it all! I tend to consider myself a big movie buff (but honestly my fav movies are anything that star Ryan Gosling or Leo DiCaprio)! This year my biggest goals for the blog are to post more about all my favorite things; celebs, fashion, and of course, KCP seniors! I'm super stoked for this new year as we welcome on our new blogger (who is such a sweetie!), add new and exciting content, and connect even more with you guys! Make sure to comment down below, or reach out on social media if you have any posts you want to see, suggestions for the blog, or just want to chat (because let's be honest, I'd much rather be talking to you guys than listening to my professor that looks uncannily like Mr. Feeny from Boy Meets World).




Hey guys! My name is Milan Andrade and I am the newest blogger to the team! I am 17-years-old and I am a senior at Perry High School. My favorite hobbies are pretty much what every teenager my age loves to do. Hangout with friends, family, sleep, and eat. But those hobbies only scratch the surface of who I am. On my freetime time I love staying active and writing in my journal. After high school I plan on attending college to study journalism in hopes to one day be in front of the camera broadcasting, or behind the scenes writing. You’re probably wondering what school I am going to for journalism and my answer to that is, I have no clue! I have applied to different schools so I guess we’ll just have to wait and see and let the chips fall where they may. Oh, and one last thing. I have insane Bieber Fever and plan on marrying Justin Bieber in the future. In my eyes, his options are between me or Selena Gomez (my bff who doesn’t know she’s my bff). Some may call this deranged, but I call it optimistic.




Know the Writer: Tatianna Apodaca is a Freshman at Grand Canyon University and is studying Digital Film with an Emphasis in Screenwriting. She has a passion for traveling, performing, and writing. Her hobbies are watching an embarrassing amount of Netflix, listening to podcasts, and acting! At home she has a pup that is smothered with love and kisses, as well as a wonderful family. She loves working with Katie, who is always a blast, and enjoys interviewing and styling all the KCP Seniors!

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Know the Writer: Milan Andrade is a Senior at Perry High School and hopes to study Journalism after she graduates high school. Milan finds excitement for trying new things, meeting new people, and writing. On her free time she loves to hangout with friends and family, staying active, and enjoying life to the fullest. Milan also has a wicked case of Bieber Fever!

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Loved your blog post and enjoyed reading about your goals and bright futures. You are inspiring others to dream too.
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Very informative and inspiring. Keep up the good work.
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