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The time has come for Senior Pictures and now is the time to book! Being an alumni of the KCP Senior Squad, I know how stressful senior year can be, and although it may seem easier to push off your photo shoot until Spring I can assure you that this is not the case. There are limited spots for Fall photo shoots and here are just a few of the many reasons to BOOK IN THE FALL... 

  1. It is much easier to book in the fall as opposed to booking in the spring, Katie has more availability in the fall and you have more time to schedule an update session! 
  2. Time! This goes for both Seniors and parents- Senior year goes by fast! With finals, textbook returns, and graduation planning the last thing you want to be thinking about in Spring is your senior photo shoot. The whole point of senior portraits is to capture you at your happiest, and trust me, you won't look happy when you're stressed about your senior project that's due on Monday, returning your Great Gatsby copy to that English teacher you hated Junior year, and trying to finish the year with straight As. Save yourself the stress, and book in the fall. 
  3. Arizona can provide beautifully unique nature shots as we have gorgeous desert scenery, but if you want more than just one backdrop, fall is the only time you will achieve this. Not only can you get those AZ desert shots, but you get greenery, flowers, and most importantly DESTINATION SHOOTS! Katie often calls up a model or two a few times during the fall for destination shoots that are filled with lush greens and bright wild flowers. Believe us when we say that fall shoots are the absolute ONLY time you will be able to have any form of green plants in your shoot.
  4. Lastly, Senior year can be very financially stressful, and Katie's biggest advice to the KCP Squad is to book in the fall because this leaves time for payment plans. It is so easy to forget all the expenses that are packed on at the end of the year from buying caps and gowns to taxes, and booking in the fall leaves time to plan ahead. Personally, booking in the fall my senior year was an absolute life saver, I can't imagine trying to book a spring shoot, find all my outfits, and order my graduation announcements all while my senior year was at its busiest. 

Booking in the fall has so many advantages and as you can see, produces absolutely stunning pictures. Make sure to check in next week for more booking and styling advice for your Senior shoot! 

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Know the Writer: Tatianna Apodaca is a Senior at Basha High School and will be studying Digital Film with an Emphasis in Screenwriting at the Honors College at Grand Canyon University in the fall. She has a passion for traveling, performing, and writing. At home she has a pup that is smothered with love and kisses, as well as a wonderful family. She loves working with Katie who is always a blast and enjoys interviewing and styling all the KCP Seniors!

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