A Year in Recap: KCP 2017!

January 08, 2018
2017 was... well, in a word, CRAZY! Crazy fun, crazy hectic, and crazy busy!!! Every year I set a goal for myself and my business, and 2017 was about photographing as man...
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Senior Spotlight: Maya Gabay

January 05, 2018
As we welcome in 2018, and leave behind 2017 I love looking back on all the beautiful senior models. This year is going to be full of fresh looks and what better way to s...
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KCP One Word Resolutions & NYE Lookbook

January 03, 2018
2018 is here and that means new and exciting things for KCP! We are welcoming a new blogger to the KCP family (don't worry though, I'll still be posting all about my effo...
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Our Family 2017

December 22, 2017
The rumors are true! I survived Family Pictures this year (even though it was touch and go for a few minutes there). For those of you who know me well, you know I am a to...
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Winter Skin Care Tips

October 26, 2017
As the seasons change our skin takes a real beating, especially after having all the moisture and sun from summer then having to face the wind and dryness of winter. Here...
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