College Essentials

September 17, 2017
COLLEGE BLOG by katie-292 featuring stainless steel food storage containers College is in full swing for a lot of us and having been moved in for about a month, I've qui...
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Homecoming Fashion: Couple Coordinating

September 07, 2017
Homecoming is a magical time full of beautiful scenery, amazing music, and jaw dropping dance moves... ok, maybe not so much, but the reason everyone loves homecoming isn...
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AZ Homecoming Schedule

September 05, 2017
Although you might not have noticed, homecoming is fast approaching and we thought we'd help you out by conveniently putting all the dates and times of Homecoming games,...
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Pantone Color of the Year Lookbook

August 31, 2017
PANTONE blog post by katie-292 featuring vintage glasses green·er·y /ˈɡrēnərē/ "A refreshing and revitalizing shade, Greenery is symbolic of new beginnings." - Pantone...
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College Planning Checklist for High Schoolers

August 29, 2017
Now that we are all officially "back-to-school" I started to think about what I was doing this time last year... CUT TO: Me franticly flipping through college brochures,...
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